Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Conundrum...

Here I am, standing at the crossroads yet again, being asked if I would contemplate another strange relationship. I choose to take a step back from myself to see things more clearly because I feel like I am being torn in several different directions.

My Head says "Maybe...". My Heart says "Yes, that might be nice...". My Head says to my Heart "Do you really want to be mashed with a fork, chewed up, spat out and run over by a bus AGAIN???". My Heart replies "Do you really think that could happen to me?" and my Head replies "Gee, you are a sucker for punishment! Remember it's me that has to pick up the pieces!". My Heart sighs and says "I know, but it's nice to dream once in a while...". My Head says "I am the practical one and I don't think you could manage such a relationship, especially when you are so vulnerable. Think of the possible repercussions. Is it worth losing this place of contentment to chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?". My Heart replies "I really don't know, I can only make judgements based on feelings. What do you think?". "Well, I am good at rationalising everything, it's the Spirit that works with intuition. So Spirit, what are your feelings about this?". My Spirit replies "It makes me feel quite ill-at-ease, unless we are all working in unison I have a feeling it will end in regrets. I just cannot make a decision or let that happen unless we are all in agreement. I don't think we have any other option than to let time take it's course. Hopefully the right path will be revealed to us in time and we can go from there...".

My Head and Heart say in unison "Spirit, you are so wise. Why don't we listen to you all the time?" My Spirit replies "Well, subconsciously you already do, but sometimes we have to look at the situation for what it really is and not make quick judgements, especially where matters of the Heart are concerned." and they, my Mind, Heart and Spirit, let out a collective sigh.

Finally I can see things more clearly.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mind, Body, Spirit.

Greetings and welcome!

It is MindBodySpirit Festival time here in Sydney! It began yesterday and goes until Sunday (5th - 8th November), I can highly recommend it! I shall be going and am looking forward to seeing the people who amaze and inspire me on a daily basis. There is the beautiful Lisa from Lilijana's Beauty, a creator of the most exquisitely scented candles, melts and soaps made from the finest natural wax ingredients including soy, palm and beeswax with cotton wicks, perfect for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. They smell good enough to eat! Another must see is the Triple Goddess stand, Lucy CavendishSerene Conneeley and Michele-Lee Phelan! Books, oracle cards, exquisite art and some special goodies await you there! The festival is amazing, something for everyone and the most wonderful atmosphere! If you can't make it then please visit their websites where you can purchase the amazing things they have to offer, just roll over their names and one click shall take you there! Otherwise, there are links to their sites in the side column.

We have been having a discussion on my very favourite facebook group about how important it is to take a wholistic approach to our health. I thought I would re-post my thoughts here.

When we are overworked, exhausted, run down, our bodies succumb to illness, be it something short term like a cold or long term implications of stress such as ulcers, heart disease, depression, even cancer. When I worked in Emergency Monday was angina and heart attack day, usually businessmen, often young. Full moons were always lively, a time when we would have overdoses, an increase in mental health issues, car accidents and violence. The environment we create around ourselves has further implications, good or bad.

Then there are genetic predispositions to illness and disease. My son was diagnosed at 6 years of age with Type 1 Diabetes. His genetic predisposition gave him a 4 in 1000 chance of developing it but it is something in the environment that triggers off the immune system to attack the islet cells in the pancreas which make insulin. What that is though is a mystery, there are various theories i.e. the rotovirus, which an immunisation is now available for but is a pretty common virus. The night he was diagnosed the news had a report that potatoes may have had something to do with it and I thought of every time we had potatoes for dinner! A cure is near but nothing is absolute yet so for now it is finger pricks and insulin injections. Something to watch out for is how he deals with all that he has to, he is amazing and such an inspiration to me and leads a normal life. He has a brilliant sense of humour too which I'm sure helps him cope. Type 2 Diabetes is a completely different disease, caused by lifestyle and poor eating habits that exhaust the pancreas to overwork and finally lose it's ability to effectively produce insulin. Our lifestyles have changed dramatically since I was young, we eat excessively, lead sedentary lives and consume a lot of processed foods. Caught early enough and changes to bad habits can, if not reverse, control it.

Then there is natural immunity and immunisation. We live in a pretty sterile world with handwashes, disinfectants, cleaners and immunisation. Let your kids get down and dirty, they need to build up their immune system. I wonder what generations of immunisation will do, will something like measles become a deadly disease because we no longer pass the natural immunity down to our kids? It's a very sensitive topic, a lot of people have very strong views on the subject. I'm all for it, my dad had polio, scarlet fever and diphtheria, he spent months in hospital. These are illnesses that we rarely see in developed countries now. Then something like the Swine flu or the Bird flu hits, not to mention HIV / AIDS. Are we seeing the arrival of new viruses or viruses that over time have mutated or cross species and become something potentially deadly to humans? Like evolution at it's most basic. (Swine flu, incidentally, is not from pigs...) Superbugs are rife in hospitals, the strongest bugs are the ones that are left and when these multiply you have a potentially deadly epidemic. That is why you must take the whole course of antibiotics, otherwise your relapse could have bigger and far more dangerous consequences.

I also notice a seasonal jump in illness, people who migrate to Australia often have severe allergies as opposed to people who have lived here over generations. We have unique plants here that we can tolerate but people from other countries can't. Pollen from different plants blooming at various times throughout the year cause problems for most people to some degree. Then there are increases in diseases like whooping cough or measles, which seem to happen in clusters and often after a long dry spell or heavy rain as many of these viruses lay dormant in soil. Could the dust storm have blown a bit more than just dust towards the coast?

Diet also plays a huge role. Try to get your vitamins out of food rather than a bottle. Breastfeeding is essential for as long as you can, the milk is full of protective antibodies. Women suffering from iron deficiency become tired, drained and susceptible to illness. For meat eaters make sure you have vegetables high in vitamin C with your meat as it helps the body absorb the iron, avoid chocolate, red wine, antacids and smoking as these all inhibit the uptake of iron. I hear the groans! Everything in moderation. Vegetarians often have good iron levels because they make a point of creating balance.

As a nurse and a mother I have always been exposed to viruses and seem to have a pretty good immune system but due to a bout of glandular fever and parvovirus I am currently undergoing treatment for severe joint pain and chronic fatigue, which at times limits my daily activities. (though with children you are always on the go!) It is then that other areas of health seem to get knocked out of kilter. It's times like these where a wholistic approach to your health is of great importance. Meditation, exercise, diet, natural therapies and medication to create the balance needed for a body to cope with the everyday things that life throws at us. Then to top it off  I had a cancer scare earlier this year, which I have overcome. It was scary, a huge shake up and was the catalyst for beginning this blog! What a time I have had! It really does go to show that being proactive and productive is imperative! As a single mother I just can't afford to get sick in any way, shape or form!!!

So as I carry on with my plans to have a wonderful time at the MindBodySpirit Festival it is a timely reminder that it is essential, amongst the madness that is modern life, to take time out to nurture not just the outside but also the inside. Remember, your body is a temple!

Brightest Blessings!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

My thoughts...

I sometimes ponder why, what and how. Why am I who I am, what do I believe in and how do I practice Wicca and still maintain a 'normal' yet magickal existence. Perfect contemplation during the waning moon, reflecting is always a good thing. So here goes...

I personally enjoy being a Solitary Wiccan because my ways are very intimate and simplistic, not simple, just no huge pomp and ceremony that is more for special occasions or part of Coven traditions and to me no less effective. I know many people who all tread different paths and I love the way we share our stories, our experience and our knowledge with each other but ultimately it's what you do with it that makes it your own. 'To thine self be true.'

I write my own rituals in my Book of Shadows and Light, I put a great deal of thought and knowledge into my practice and I learn something new every day. I think of myself as Wiccan but I am also a white witch, a pagan, a part of the human existence, an earth mother and a child of the universe.

I think that you can get out of it what you put into it, if you feel that simply sitting in the moonlight and drinking it in gives you just as much as a full Esbat ritual then that is absolutely fine, it's all about the intent. It makes you no less a part of what you live by or believe in. A chant over a candle, a prayer to your God or Goddess, thoughts while stargazing, meditation - it is all seeking solace, truth and inner peace. A clear mind, a good will and the desire to protect and heal is universal.

If a friend says they are praying for me it is just as important to me as a candle lit or a healing thought sent my way, to me someone is focusing intent and it is most welcome. Nor would I shun Christmas or Easter, it is a part of our culture, a part of our childhood imagination and whether you believe or not it is a time when whole families gather, feast, enjoy and gift. It is a beautiful thing! No one shoves it down my throat, I am a willing participant in all that I do!

I love being 'hands on', making my own ritual tools, handwriting my own spells, adapting and adopting things where I see fit. I have performed rituals skyclad and fully clothed, whichever feels right (or how cold it is...). In a way I have created my own tradition, I walk my own path and I have created something that is inherently mine to share and hopefully inspire with.

Having said that I am now studying Wicca, Tarot and the Kaballah with a school which for me is taking all I know to a higher level and refining my skills, it's a personal journey and one that I am getting so much out of. It is 'non-denominational', so to speak. I am researching different Wiccan paths and different religious teachings. It allows for and welcomes your own interpretations which is magnificent because the school is based in Tuscany so the lessons are taught according to the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere while I celebrate according to the seasons of the Southern Hemisphere. I incorporate a great deal of indigenous knowledge and spirituality into my ways too, it makes it far more intricate and true to the beautiful land we live in. We have a lot to learn from Aboriginal knowledge, in turn we can be respectful and hopefully heal the wounds inflicted by Colonisation and acknowledge the horrific pain felt by the Stolen Generation. It's a huge request but comes from a place of love and respect in my heart.

I also greatly respect Eastern religions, in particular Hindu and Buddhist, I get a lot out of their philosophy and teachings.

So in amongst it all I am a mother which is the most important thing in my life! I'm also a nurse so I am very open, practical and accepting. I get a great deal of comfort knowing much of Wicca is based on grass roots biological and scientific knowledge mixed with tradition and the lore of the land. That's why I have no problem with cyber-witchery, in fact it has opened up a whole new world to me, here I am, connected to people all over the world!

So whether fully robed, skyclad, simple, or devout, we all look up at the same moon! It's nice to know that when all is said and done we are all but one, a part of something truly amazing and So Mote It Be!

Bright Blessings,

Liza )O(

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Elements!

WOW! What a wild display of the elements! Yesterday we experienced a hot 30 degree spring day followed by a truly amazing storm last night, wild wind, pelting rain and lightning flashes streaking across the sky followed by bellowing thunder, it was so intense but absolutely gorgeous to watch. I am a storm lover, it is such a powerful display of nature, the elements of fire, air and water working in unison. There is something very hypnotising and magickal about storms and from my treehouse unit I have an absolutely breathtaking view! Poor Molly, my cat, gets extremely frightened and will find a nice safe spot to hide, she tentatively emerges after the storm has passed but won't leave my side!

In my magickal workings I have the element of fire in the north, towards the equator, the hottest part of the earth and closest to the sun. I have the element of air to the south, the cooling energy of a southerly buster after a hot day is beautiful and very much welcomed! I live on the east coast of Australia so I have the element of water in the east like the huge body of water lapping at our coastline. The element of earth is in the west, Australia is known for it's great expanse of desert and red earth and this was made evident this morning when I awoke to a massive dust storm carried into Sydney by the hot westerly wind overnight! Eager to catch this rare display of elemental force I grabbed my camera and opened the glass doors to take photographs of the sky, quickly realising that the air was thick and the wind was wild I went back inside only to realise my lungs, eyes and nose are full of dirt, my skin has an orange tinge and my white floor tiles now look like terracotta! It was worth it though, I couldn't have put this into words!

This was 5.30am, you can see the dust particles on the camera lens! It was extremely windy and thick so the quality isn't perfect but it certainly does it justice!

These were taken as the sun was rising...

You can usually see Botany Bay from here...

Sydney blanketed in the red earth that is synonymous with Australia.

So there is method in my madness!

It is like Mother Earth decided to remind us that she is feeling the effects of climate change and we should not forget that! In the space of 12 hours she has unleashed her mighty elementals on us, earth, air, fire and water! Reminding us city dwellers that we can't hide our collective heads in the sand! Reminding us that we are lucky to live on such a beautiful planet. Reminding us to get in touch with her from time to time so that she feels nurtured, as she nurtures us!

Blessed Be this Ostara and a Blessed Mabon to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere!

Love and light to all,


Spring equinox - Ostara!

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, has arrived in all it's splendid glory here in the Southern Hemisphere! Flowers are blossoming, trees are sprouting lovely green leaves and tender new branches, the sweet fragrance is carried by the breeze and the sun is gently warming hearts everywhere! Birds and animals are merrily dancing their mating ritual as are the God and the Goddess. The Sun God has grown into a strong and virile young man. The Goddess is the beautiful, fertile Maiden, shy, gentle and curious. They happily emerge from the cold winter excited by opportunity, growth and knowledge. The Wheel of the Seasons turns and heralds new beginnings! It is a joyful time and you can feel the mood of humanity shift in excited anticipation!

Ostara is a German Goddess. She is also known as Eostra in Anglo-Saxon tradition, this is where the word Easter is derived from. She is the Goddess that embodies all that is springtime, she is symbolic of fertility, new beginnings, growth, eggs and rabbits!

This is my favourite time of the year. We go outside to gather wildflowers, feel the dew cool our feet as we walk barefoot in the grass, bask delightfully in the warm sun while we feel ourselves open up to the sky like daisies! We open windows, spring-clean our houses and our lives, rid ourselves of the ties that bind us and filled to the brim with creative expression we ready ourselves to take on the world and all it has to offer, thinking of how we can return the favour!

My tree, asking questions, listening for answers!


Dandelions or 'dente de lions' (tooth of the lion)!
They always intrigue and delight children but are the bane of gardeners!

Cicadas emerge from the ground, break free from their shells and herald the arrival of warm weather with their beautiful song! This is the shell of a cicada on my tree!

Grounded, the base of my tree.

Remember to stop and take notice of the little things...

A lovely little lavender!

Thoughts of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Blessed Ostara and love and light to all!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our new neighbours!

Spring has sprung and there is a lot of activity going on in our tree! I was standing at the glass doors, coffee in hand, admiring the view and realised I was being watched! I grabbed the camera and got some gorgeous photographs of a family of kookaburras, or as Abbey calls them, kookabuggas! This was the curious little fellow peeking down at me, so gorgeous!
They seem to have taken up residence! They spent the morning flitting from branch to branch, the male has gorgeous blue and brown feathers on his wings and tail, the female less so but still spectacular! The baby is very cheeky looking with beady little eyes and very white fluffy feathers on his head!
They didn't seem the least bit intimidated by us, I really hope they hang around, I just love kookaburras!
The male is the one in front, just after this photograph was taken he extended his neck skyward and began to laugh, Abbey, Nate and I were so incredibly lucky to experience such a wonderful display on a gorgeous spring morning!
I've decided to call our unit 'The Treehouse'! We have beautiful views from here and the tree envelops most of our place which is lovely, it is like a painting, changing with the sunlight and the seasons. The spectacular sunsets we watch are ever changing, the storms we can see for miles and miles are incredible! City living is wonderfully full of nature if you take the time to appreciate it.
A sunset in progress.
Truly amazing colours, never get tired of seeing this!
Another thing I have noticed lately, the first night was when I was admiring the full moon rising, are the fruit bats or flying foxes that make their journey home at dusk. I think they are amazing animals, people who have been lucky enough to care for them while they recover if injured are enthralled by their individual and unique personalities.
So to finish off this nature inspired post I thought I would share a poem I wrote as I watched a spectacular storm last night. Hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am!
Bright blessings to all!
The wind starts to blow, the tree bends and sways.
A great flash of lightning, the Gods have their ways.
The clouds plump and dark are a glorious sight,
As they're illuminated by lightning so bright!
First a few drops hit my closed window pane,
Then the clouds open up with a deluge of rain!
The thunder booms loudly, a deep cracking tone,
The three fit together, there's no storm if alone!
Copyright Liza Feeney September 7th 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Mysterious Full Moon Glow

Merry Meet!

With the full moon upon us I thought I'd take the opportunity to write about the moon, her phases and their correlation to Wicca, celebrations and the feminine aspects in nature.

Let's face it, there aren't many people who would dispute the power and beauty of the full moon. The moon is at it's most enchanting when full and it is celebrated by Wiccans, witches and pagans alike. Esbats are usually, but not exclusively, performed under a full moon or a day or two either side as magick is most potent at this time though each phase is valuable in it's own right.

I am a nurse and have seen the effect of the full moon first hand! Completely lucid patients would become disoriented at night, one night I helped an elderly lady brush the flies off her bed - of course there were no flies on her bed but she could see them and would not settle until I had helped! So brush we did and then she hopped into bed with the spring of a teenager, completely at ease and fell asleep only to wake fully lucid the next morning! We would get overdoses, people with exacerbated psychiatric disorders, road accidents and general chaos through Emergency! People become ill at ease for no known reason - the fact that our bodies are made up of 70% water may have something to do with it! The moon's power moves tides, farmers and gardeners plant crops at the right aspect of the moon, people connected to the earth have faith in the power of something completely natural.

My cat Molly, who is 9 years old, becomes the stalker, hiding in wait, eyes fully dilated and aglow, waiting for our unsuspecting legs to pass by! She becomes kitten-like, playing with objects, tearing around the place, it is absolutely amazing and hilarious to watch! I know the word 'lunacy' comes from the misconception that the moon was the cause of intermittent insanity! The words month, Monday and menstrual come from the word 'moon' as it correlates in time with these natural cycles.

The full moon represents the 'Triple Goddess' - the waxing moon represents the Maiden, the full moon represents the Mother and the waning moon represents the Crone. The Maiden is young and full of vitality, naive and fresh. The Mother is fertile, a time of childbirth, guiding her young. The Crone is wise, prophetic, respected. The cycle of life!

At a Full Moon Esbat witches often perform the Drawing Down The Moon, a rite drawing the energies down, entering your head at the crown chakra and filling you with her glorious light. Doreen Valiente wrote 'The Charge Of The Goddess' in the 1970's and has been adopted and adapted by covens and solitary Wiccans alike. You can do a full rite or just bask in her glow but many Wiccans and Covens will hold Esbat's at the full moon to take advantage of the most powerful time for magickal workings.

The waxing phase of the moon is the time for constructive magick, for protection, health, positivity, affirmations, creative workings. The waning phase of the moon is for destructive magick, binding spells, dark (not black) magick, introspection. The dark moon is like a day off but can also be used for the most private, internal workings. Spellcraft is a fine art and there is so much symbolism that can be used and acknowledged to make magick effective but always keep in mind "An' it harm none, do what thou wilt." - never mess with the free will of anyone and be mindful of this when wording your spells!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more involved and in time I will have the opportunity to share the finer details with you. For now, enjoy the Full Moon in all her splendid glory, bask in her glow, search for the face, delight in the magick and take time to think of what the moon means to you!

Bright Full Moon Blessings,


Picture courtesy of Google Images.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Astrology, Psychics and me!

I am a big believer of Astrology, not so much the daily generic newspaper style readings but a belief in Astrological charts. I have a fantastic CD ROM but unfortunately it doesn't work with Vista. My Aunty was apprentice to an Astrologer and does charts too. I have many books and have gone in depth into my own chart and it is amazingly accurate. Thought I'd share a few ideas and experiences with all of you.

I am a Libran, my ascendant is Pisces and my moon is in Leo. What a combination!

Now to break it down:

Libra - Cardinal - Air - Venus - masculine / positive
Pisces - Mutable - Water - Neptune - feminine / negative
Leo - Fixed - Fire - Sun - masculine / positive

If you go in depth into analysing your chart you find that you reveal the layers that make up your personality. Having the balancing qualities of Libra don't make me indecisive, more so weighing up of the pros and cons and coming to a firm decision. Then throw into the mix the duality of the Pisces and the dreamy qualities of both signs and you have someone who often goes into quiet, introverted, trance-like thought! Leo rules the heart and is a sign of courage and strong will, a fierce protector of their children, there lie my strongest emotional traits. Venus is the Goddess of Love and I am at my happiest when in love or loving.

I've been told that the Saturn return that happens approximately every 29.5 years is a time of major life overhaul and you tend to become more like your rising sign. That was a particularly tumultuous time in my life and much change happening. I have 2 sisters, one is an Aquarius and the other is a Gemini, so we are all air signs! My son is a Pisces and my daughter is a Scorpio, both water signs! Patterns seem to emerge in my life like that all the time. My Mum is a Leo, hence the strong emotional bond I have with her and Dad is also a Scorpio!

So, that is a really basic look at me as summed up by my chart. I often gravitate to people of certain star signs, I can often pick someone's sign once I get to know them.

Once my friend Trish and I went to a Psychic Astrologer in Manly, we were young nurses, it was around New Year and we caught a taxi all the way there from Croydon (back in those days it only cost $20 and that included getting stuck on the Spit Bridge!). We found the old block of units, climbed the rickety external stairs and the door opened to reveal a spindly little elderly man with a long white beard, stark naked! We looked at each other and decided to go in, it wasn't like he was wielding a weapon of any kind! His wife was pottering around the place, clothed mind you, like it was normal and natural. We declined the offer to disrobe ourselves and he offered to put on a kaftan which we gladly accepted! His reasoning was that he could pick up the vibrations more precisely! The thing was, he gave us both the most amazingly accurate readings, things that only Trish and I knew about each other. He even knew something very personal about me and I denied it but he was quite adamant about it! He drew our charts by hand and I still have it to this very day! What an adventure!

My Aunty's brother Glynn is a Psychic / Tarot reader and he did a reading for me. He taped it and I still have it. He said that I was going to meet someone connected with my workplace, an air sign and things would progress very quickly, it would be a fine romance but hard work at times. At the time I was working at Australia Post at Newtown with no romantic prospects that I could see. He said it would be an intense love and that I would fall pregnant very early on in the relationship. So time went on and I virtually forgot about the reading. About a year later I was working at the International Airport at Mascot. I had gone on a few dates but nothing of any substance. Then my Aunty decided that she would set me up on a blind date. I politely declined but she persevered (a strong Virgo woman) and I eventually gave in. He rang me, we organised to go to 'Wogerama' at the Enmore Theatre and I panicked until I opened the door to the most gorgeous man. He was such a gentleman, beautiful hands, deep green eyes and softly spoken. It was love at first sight for us both! Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to move out of my little house so we decided to move in together and not too much later we found out that we were expecting our child, Nathan Scott! It was hard work sometimes but I love him to this very day, although we aren't a couple anymore he is my closest friend and I believe my soul mate! He, like me, is a Libran! Oh, the last piece of the puzzle, he worked for one of the major airlines at the airport! Serendipity, fate, wish fulfillment, maybe all of the above!

Magickal experiences indeed!

Love and light,


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where do I start?

The sunset from my balcony.

The full moon setting, glorious golden orb!

A truly amazing golden sunset in the rain...

...and the rainbow it produced, now that is magick!

These are some of the gorgeous photographs I have taken in the last few days.
Nature at it's most spectacular!

Merry Meet!

This is my very first blog post, the first of many I'm sure! I want to take you all along with me as I tread the well worn road to spiritual enlightenment. I have been a Wiccan for over 20 years and have lived a pagan lifestyle for as long as I can remember.
It was second nature from a very young age, probably from birth but my awareness was from a very young age.

I wasn't raised with a religion as such and I read a lot and asked a lot of questions in my quest to put a name to who I was for want of a better way of describing it. I have a very strong sixth sense, my parents would use me as their find-it person, if something was missing they would ask me to find it and intuition would take me to it in the blink of an eye. I still have that, much to my son's amazement! I would sit in the bushland and soak it all in, befriending wildlife, writing poetry. A kookaburra once landed beside me and was quite happy for me to stroke his feathers. I have an affinity with animals and my cats have all been deeply connected with me. I used to go into a trance regularly from a very young age and still do. My father and I have a very strong ESP connection, in the days before mobile phones I had injured myself, dad had an intense urge to come home, he rang his boss and said "Something is wrong with Liza, I have to go home!" and sure enough, I had fallen in the backyard , hit my head and had quite a concussion! We still sense each others feelings and moods, he knows what I have bought him for gifts no matter how much I think I have thwarted his efforts to get into my head!!! Meditation was a natural part of my day after school to unwind and refocus. My grandmother was strongly connected to me too, much the same as with dad. She taught me many things that I now realise were witchcraft, from dropping cutlery (would indicate the sex of the next visitor) to turning the teapot 3 times and so much in between. She had a song for every occasion and I find myself singing them even now! She also made the most amazing Christmas Pudding and we would be called in late on Christmas eve after 8 hours of boiling to taste the hot offcuts, magickal in itself! I make the pudding now and I can smell nan and feel her presence so strongly! It gives me such comfort! So it looks like it is inherent in my family.

The day I found a book on witchcraft by Scott Cunningham in a secondhand bookshop it was like a light was turned on - there was a name for all that was so natural to me! So I read book after book, initiated myself after completing Raymond Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft and incorporate it into everyday life as naturally as it always has been. I am a Solitary Wiccan, proud and well out of the broom closet!

It has seen me through much in my lifetime, I always find comfort and solace in my beliefs. It has helped my son deal with his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes with a ritual we did, he loves celebrating with me and we have that same connection. My daughter is also an old soul, only 2 but already showing me how amazingly intuitive children are, she could see something behind me while breastfeeding and would laugh and smile as if someone was playing with her over my shoulder, I'm sure somebody was! I could go on and on, I love sharing my experiences and love hearing of others experiences!

So, to answer, it was already a given and I chose to embrace Wicca fully! It is such a gentle and lovely way to live and look at the world, noticing the smallest things that are so beautiful and amazing. We are all like that as children, it's a pity so many forget to stop and take a deep breath and still be amazed by the magick around us all! I hope you enjoy reading my posts, I am learning new things all the time and I am currently studying at the Magicka School, refining my skills, taking it to a higher place.

Bright Blessings,