Thursday, October 8, 2009

My thoughts...

I sometimes ponder why, what and how. Why am I who I am, what do I believe in and how do I practice Wicca and still maintain a 'normal' yet magickal existence. Perfect contemplation during the waning moon, reflecting is always a good thing. So here goes...

I personally enjoy being a Solitary Wiccan because my ways are very intimate and simplistic, not simple, just no huge pomp and ceremony that is more for special occasions or part of Coven traditions and to me no less effective. I know many people who all tread different paths and I love the way we share our stories, our experience and our knowledge with each other but ultimately it's what you do with it that makes it your own. 'To thine self be true.'

I write my own rituals in my Book of Shadows and Light, I put a great deal of thought and knowledge into my practice and I learn something new every day. I think of myself as Wiccan but I am also a white witch, a pagan, a part of the human existence, an earth mother and a child of the universe.

I think that you can get out of it what you put into it, if you feel that simply sitting in the moonlight and drinking it in gives you just as much as a full Esbat ritual then that is absolutely fine, it's all about the intent. It makes you no less a part of what you live by or believe in. A chant over a candle, a prayer to your God or Goddess, thoughts while stargazing, meditation - it is all seeking solace, truth and inner peace. A clear mind, a good will and the desire to protect and heal is universal.

If a friend says they are praying for me it is just as important to me as a candle lit or a healing thought sent my way, to me someone is focusing intent and it is most welcome. Nor would I shun Christmas or Easter, it is a part of our culture, a part of our childhood imagination and whether you believe or not it is a time when whole families gather, feast, enjoy and gift. It is a beautiful thing! No one shoves it down my throat, I am a willing participant in all that I do!

I love being 'hands on', making my own ritual tools, handwriting my own spells, adapting and adopting things where I see fit. I have performed rituals skyclad and fully clothed, whichever feels right (or how cold it is...). In a way I have created my own tradition, I walk my own path and I have created something that is inherently mine to share and hopefully inspire with.

Having said that I am now studying Wicca, Tarot and the Kaballah with a school which for me is taking all I know to a higher level and refining my skills, it's a personal journey and one that I am getting so much out of. It is 'non-denominational', so to speak. I am researching different Wiccan paths and different religious teachings. It allows for and welcomes your own interpretations which is magnificent because the school is based in Tuscany so the lessons are taught according to the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere while I celebrate according to the seasons of the Southern Hemisphere. I incorporate a great deal of indigenous knowledge and spirituality into my ways too, it makes it far more intricate and true to the beautiful land we live in. We have a lot to learn from Aboriginal knowledge, in turn we can be respectful and hopefully heal the wounds inflicted by Colonisation and acknowledge the horrific pain felt by the Stolen Generation. It's a huge request but comes from a place of love and respect in my heart.

I also greatly respect Eastern religions, in particular Hindu and Buddhist, I get a lot out of their philosophy and teachings.

So in amongst it all I am a mother which is the most important thing in my life! I'm also a nurse so I am very open, practical and accepting. I get a great deal of comfort knowing much of Wicca is based on grass roots biological and scientific knowledge mixed with tradition and the lore of the land. That's why I have no problem with cyber-witchery, in fact it has opened up a whole new world to me, here I am, connected to people all over the world!

So whether fully robed, skyclad, simple, or devout, we all look up at the same moon! It's nice to know that when all is said and done we are all but one, a part of something truly amazing and So Mote It Be!

Bright Blessings,

Liza )O(

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  1. Oh beautiful soul! I finally got to meet you, and how wonderful you are :) You have a gorgeous little girl I was priviledged to meet and sing songs with hahaha (I think Abbey won the competition there hands down).

    I look forward to reading more blogs on your lifes journey as a witch, as I too am learning and crafting to hone my magicks. Blessed Be darling sista. )O(