Sunday, July 11, 2010

Off With The Faeries!

Finally back to a kind of normal, whatever normal is! I'm sure it's different for everyone!

With all my good intentions to get blogging life took a turn for my little family. My 3 year old daughter Abbey was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on the first of June. It was a complete shock as it was so unlikely that none of us expected it to happen, least of all our Paediatrician, the most amazing specialist I have ever met. Her devotion to her patients is incredible. So despite her age she has coped wonderfully, choosing which finger to prick to test her blood glucose levels and not struggling with each needle in the bottom, children are incredibly resilient and having her big brother with Type 1 also she has easily allowed it to become a natural part of her life. For the first month I went into Nurse Feeney mode then when I visited my doctor it finally was the time to cry, and cry I did. It was such a relief and a much needed release of emotional pain and grief. I packed a pouch of my healing crystals and took my books into hospital too but I didn't read, I was in shock and every time there may have been a spare moment another person from different departments would be in to tick boxes and give you more information. 
It has been a huge 12 months, nearly to the day that I discovered I had cervical cancer to Abbey's diagnosis and all in between but it has certainly made me stronger and as I hurtle towards my 40th birthday I shall be revealing a new and very exciting spirited, light filled venture which I am passionate about! A year full of Blue Moons, eclipses, a Grand Cross and energy shifts, a year full of change, a year full of opportunities and a year full of hope!

Brightest Blessings to one and all,