Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where Art Thou?

It's been rather quiet on my blog lately, or rather I've been too busy with other things, that's why I'm a fan of Blogging Without Obligation! I have been exploring, creating, collecting, reading, learning, studying and trying to find my direction again. I love a good shake up every so often, but I have so much that is fighting for my attention, Nate and Abbey included, so I usually crash out on the lounge before my 'old' bed time before I get any 'me' time!

I can't believe my little blog has had over 1000 views! Well, I'm hoping to pour some magickal new energy this way and what better way than on a New Moon! I have been getting out in nature, Abbey loves our 'adventures' and it's so revitalising! There is a beautiful area of bushland and creek just a short walk from where I live and one of my things on my never-ending to-do list is getting involved in the preservation group, I'm sure that we all have a local park, a beach, a waterway or just your favourite route that could do with a little attention and think of the gift you'll be giving back to nature, to our earth, to our animal and aquatic friends. Even if it means that you take a bag to pick up some rubbish next time you walk along the beach, bush, forest, creek or street, you will be saving lives and gifting Gaia and all who live on her! It's great to use less water, refuse the plastic bags at the supermarket, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and recycle but there are so many other ways we can be environmentally conscious.

My FAVOURITE jewellery, as you may know, is Peter Stone Jewelry. So much so that I am an avid reader of their blog which is so incredibly inspirational. I am so honoured to have been able to contribute to the blog so you can read my contribution at:

Spring Is Here! Peter Stone Connections

Read Peter's blog posts and then pop onto the jewellery site and take a look at their magnificent pieces, enter the daily free jewellery draw or maybe purchase one of their Half-Off Hookups, the quality is second to none!

Anyway, I have to weave a little motherly magick into my day but I have so much to share, some beautiful photographs, some delightfully delectable 'Magickal Morsels' and the usual shenanigans at Feeney Manor!

Love and Light!