Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where do I start?

The sunset from my balcony.

The full moon setting, glorious golden orb!

A truly amazing golden sunset in the rain...

...and the rainbow it produced, now that is magick!

These are some of the gorgeous photographs I have taken in the last few days.
Nature at it's most spectacular!

Merry Meet!

This is my very first blog post, the first of many I'm sure! I want to take you all along with me as I tread the well worn road to spiritual enlightenment. I have been a Wiccan for over 20 years and have lived a pagan lifestyle for as long as I can remember.
It was second nature from a very young age, probably from birth but my awareness was from a very young age.

I wasn't raised with a religion as such and I read a lot and asked a lot of questions in my quest to put a name to who I was for want of a better way of describing it. I have a very strong sixth sense, my parents would use me as their find-it person, if something was missing they would ask me to find it and intuition would take me to it in the blink of an eye. I still have that, much to my son's amazement! I would sit in the bushland and soak it all in, befriending wildlife, writing poetry. A kookaburra once landed beside me and was quite happy for me to stroke his feathers. I have an affinity with animals and my cats have all been deeply connected with me. I used to go into a trance regularly from a very young age and still do. My father and I have a very strong ESP connection, in the days before mobile phones I had injured myself, dad had an intense urge to come home, he rang his boss and said "Something is wrong with Liza, I have to go home!" and sure enough, I had fallen in the backyard , hit my head and had quite a concussion! We still sense each others feelings and moods, he knows what I have bought him for gifts no matter how much I think I have thwarted his efforts to get into my head!!! Meditation was a natural part of my day after school to unwind and refocus. My grandmother was strongly connected to me too, much the same as with dad. She taught me many things that I now realise were witchcraft, from dropping cutlery (would indicate the sex of the next visitor) to turning the teapot 3 times and so much in between. She had a song for every occasion and I find myself singing them even now! She also made the most amazing Christmas Pudding and we would be called in late on Christmas eve after 8 hours of boiling to taste the hot offcuts, magickal in itself! I make the pudding now and I can smell nan and feel her presence so strongly! It gives me such comfort! So it looks like it is inherent in my family.

The day I found a book on witchcraft by Scott Cunningham in a secondhand bookshop it was like a light was turned on - there was a name for all that was so natural to me! So I read book after book, initiated myself after completing Raymond Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft and incorporate it into everyday life as naturally as it always has been. I am a Solitary Wiccan, proud and well out of the broom closet!

It has seen me through much in my lifetime, I always find comfort and solace in my beliefs. It has helped my son deal with his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes with a ritual we did, he loves celebrating with me and we have that same connection. My daughter is also an old soul, only 2 but already showing me how amazingly intuitive children are, she could see something behind me while breastfeeding and would laugh and smile as if someone was playing with her over my shoulder, I'm sure somebody was! I could go on and on, I love sharing my experiences and love hearing of others experiences!

So, to answer, it was already a given and I chose to embrace Wicca fully! It is such a gentle and lovely way to live and look at the world, noticing the smallest things that are so beautiful and amazing. We are all like that as children, it's a pity so many forget to stop and take a deep breath and still be amazed by the magick around us all! I hope you enjoy reading my posts, I am learning new things all the time and I am currently studying at the Magicka School, refining my skills, taking it to a higher place.

Bright Blessings,


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