Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Astrology, Psychics and me!

I am a big believer of Astrology, not so much the daily generic newspaper style readings but a belief in Astrological charts. I have a fantastic CD ROM but unfortunately it doesn't work with Vista. My Aunty was apprentice to an Astrologer and does charts too. I have many books and have gone in depth into my own chart and it is amazingly accurate. Thought I'd share a few ideas and experiences with all of you.

I am a Libran, my ascendant is Pisces and my moon is in Leo. What a combination!

Now to break it down:

Libra - Cardinal - Air - Venus - masculine / positive
Pisces - Mutable - Water - Neptune - feminine / negative
Leo - Fixed - Fire - Sun - masculine / positive

If you go in depth into analysing your chart you find that you reveal the layers that make up your personality. Having the balancing qualities of Libra don't make me indecisive, more so weighing up of the pros and cons and coming to a firm decision. Then throw into the mix the duality of the Pisces and the dreamy qualities of both signs and you have someone who often goes into quiet, introverted, trance-like thought! Leo rules the heart and is a sign of courage and strong will, a fierce protector of their children, there lie my strongest emotional traits. Venus is the Goddess of Love and I am at my happiest when in love or loving.

I've been told that the Saturn return that happens approximately every 29.5 years is a time of major life overhaul and you tend to become more like your rising sign. That was a particularly tumultuous time in my life and much change happening. I have 2 sisters, one is an Aquarius and the other is a Gemini, so we are all air signs! My son is a Pisces and my daughter is a Scorpio, both water signs! Patterns seem to emerge in my life like that all the time. My Mum is a Leo, hence the strong emotional bond I have with her and Dad is also a Scorpio!

So, that is a really basic look at me as summed up by my chart. I often gravitate to people of certain star signs, I can often pick someone's sign once I get to know them.

Once my friend Trish and I went to a Psychic Astrologer in Manly, we were young nurses, it was around New Year and we caught a taxi all the way there from Croydon (back in those days it only cost $20 and that included getting stuck on the Spit Bridge!). We found the old block of units, climbed the rickety external stairs and the door opened to reveal a spindly little elderly man with a long white beard, stark naked! We looked at each other and decided to go in, it wasn't like he was wielding a weapon of any kind! His wife was pottering around the place, clothed mind you, like it was normal and natural. We declined the offer to disrobe ourselves and he offered to put on a kaftan which we gladly accepted! His reasoning was that he could pick up the vibrations more precisely! The thing was, he gave us both the most amazingly accurate readings, things that only Trish and I knew about each other. He even knew something very personal about me and I denied it but he was quite adamant about it! He drew our charts by hand and I still have it to this very day! What an adventure!

My Aunty's brother Glynn is a Psychic / Tarot reader and he did a reading for me. He taped it and I still have it. He said that I was going to meet someone connected with my workplace, an air sign and things would progress very quickly, it would be a fine romance but hard work at times. At the time I was working at Australia Post at Newtown with no romantic prospects that I could see. He said it would be an intense love and that I would fall pregnant very early on in the relationship. So time went on and I virtually forgot about the reading. About a year later I was working at the International Airport at Mascot. I had gone on a few dates but nothing of any substance. Then my Aunty decided that she would set me up on a blind date. I politely declined but she persevered (a strong Virgo woman) and I eventually gave in. He rang me, we organised to go to 'Wogerama' at the Enmore Theatre and I panicked until I opened the door to the most gorgeous man. He was such a gentleman, beautiful hands, deep green eyes and softly spoken. It was love at first sight for us both! Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to move out of my little house so we decided to move in together and not too much later we found out that we were expecting our child, Nathan Scott! It was hard work sometimes but I love him to this very day, although we aren't a couple anymore he is my closest friend and I believe my soul mate! He, like me, is a Libran! Oh, the last piece of the puzzle, he worked for one of the major airlines at the airport! Serendipity, fate, wish fulfillment, maybe all of the above!

Magickal experiences indeed!

Love and light,


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  1. Love it Liza!! Fantastic blog ;) Congrats!

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