Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spring equinox - Ostara!

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, has arrived in all it's splendid glory here in the Southern Hemisphere! Flowers are blossoming, trees are sprouting lovely green leaves and tender new branches, the sweet fragrance is carried by the breeze and the sun is gently warming hearts everywhere! Birds and animals are merrily dancing their mating ritual as are the God and the Goddess. The Sun God has grown into a strong and virile young man. The Goddess is the beautiful, fertile Maiden, shy, gentle and curious. They happily emerge from the cold winter excited by opportunity, growth and knowledge. The Wheel of the Seasons turns and heralds new beginnings! It is a joyful time and you can feel the mood of humanity shift in excited anticipation!

Ostara is a German Goddess. She is also known as Eostra in Anglo-Saxon tradition, this is where the word Easter is derived from. She is the Goddess that embodies all that is springtime, she is symbolic of fertility, new beginnings, growth, eggs and rabbits!

This is my favourite time of the year. We go outside to gather wildflowers, feel the dew cool our feet as we walk barefoot in the grass, bask delightfully in the warm sun while we feel ourselves open up to the sky like daisies! We open windows, spring-clean our houses and our lives, rid ourselves of the ties that bind us and filled to the brim with creative expression we ready ourselves to take on the world and all it has to offer, thinking of how we can return the favour!

My tree, asking questions, listening for answers!


Dandelions or 'dente de lions' (tooth of the lion)!
They always intrigue and delight children but are the bane of gardeners!

Cicadas emerge from the ground, break free from their shells and herald the arrival of warm weather with their beautiful song! This is the shell of a cicada on my tree!

Grounded, the base of my tree.

Remember to stop and take notice of the little things...

A lovely little lavender!

Thoughts of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Blessed Ostara and love and light to all!


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