Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Elements!

WOW! What a wild display of the elements! Yesterday we experienced a hot 30 degree spring day followed by a truly amazing storm last night, wild wind, pelting rain and lightning flashes streaking across the sky followed by bellowing thunder, it was so intense but absolutely gorgeous to watch. I am a storm lover, it is such a powerful display of nature, the elements of fire, air and water working in unison. There is something very hypnotising and magickal about storms and from my treehouse unit I have an absolutely breathtaking view! Poor Molly, my cat, gets extremely frightened and will find a nice safe spot to hide, she tentatively emerges after the storm has passed but won't leave my side!

In my magickal workings I have the element of fire in the north, towards the equator, the hottest part of the earth and closest to the sun. I have the element of air to the south, the cooling energy of a southerly buster after a hot day is beautiful and very much welcomed! I live on the east coast of Australia so I have the element of water in the east like the huge body of water lapping at our coastline. The element of earth is in the west, Australia is known for it's great expanse of desert and red earth and this was made evident this morning when I awoke to a massive dust storm carried into Sydney by the hot westerly wind overnight! Eager to catch this rare display of elemental force I grabbed my camera and opened the glass doors to take photographs of the sky, quickly realising that the air was thick and the wind was wild I went back inside only to realise my lungs, eyes and nose are full of dirt, my skin has an orange tinge and my white floor tiles now look like terracotta! It was worth it though, I couldn't have put this into words!

This was 5.30am, you can see the dust particles on the camera lens! It was extremely windy and thick so the quality isn't perfect but it certainly does it justice!

These were taken as the sun was rising...

You can usually see Botany Bay from here...

Sydney blanketed in the red earth that is synonymous with Australia.

So there is method in my madness!

It is like Mother Earth decided to remind us that she is feeling the effects of climate change and we should not forget that! In the space of 12 hours she has unleashed her mighty elementals on us, earth, air, fire and water! Reminding us city dwellers that we can't hide our collective heads in the sand! Reminding us that we are lucky to live on such a beautiful planet. Reminding us to get in touch with her from time to time so that she feels nurtured, as she nurtures us!

Blessed Be this Ostara and a Blessed Mabon to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere!

Love and light to all,


Spring equinox - Ostara!

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, has arrived in all it's splendid glory here in the Southern Hemisphere! Flowers are blossoming, trees are sprouting lovely green leaves and tender new branches, the sweet fragrance is carried by the breeze and the sun is gently warming hearts everywhere! Birds and animals are merrily dancing their mating ritual as are the God and the Goddess. The Sun God has grown into a strong and virile young man. The Goddess is the beautiful, fertile Maiden, shy, gentle and curious. They happily emerge from the cold winter excited by opportunity, growth and knowledge. The Wheel of the Seasons turns and heralds new beginnings! It is a joyful time and you can feel the mood of humanity shift in excited anticipation!

Ostara is a German Goddess. She is also known as Eostra in Anglo-Saxon tradition, this is where the word Easter is derived from. She is the Goddess that embodies all that is springtime, she is symbolic of fertility, new beginnings, growth, eggs and rabbits!

This is my favourite time of the year. We go outside to gather wildflowers, feel the dew cool our feet as we walk barefoot in the grass, bask delightfully in the warm sun while we feel ourselves open up to the sky like daisies! We open windows, spring-clean our houses and our lives, rid ourselves of the ties that bind us and filled to the brim with creative expression we ready ourselves to take on the world and all it has to offer, thinking of how we can return the favour!

My tree, asking questions, listening for answers!


Dandelions or 'dente de lions' (tooth of the lion)!
They always intrigue and delight children but are the bane of gardeners!

Cicadas emerge from the ground, break free from their shells and herald the arrival of warm weather with their beautiful song! This is the shell of a cicada on my tree!

Grounded, the base of my tree.

Remember to stop and take notice of the little things...

A lovely little lavender!

Thoughts of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Blessed Ostara and love and light to all!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our new neighbours!

Spring has sprung and there is a lot of activity going on in our tree! I was standing at the glass doors, coffee in hand, admiring the view and realised I was being watched! I grabbed the camera and got some gorgeous photographs of a family of kookaburras, or as Abbey calls them, kookabuggas! This was the curious little fellow peeking down at me, so gorgeous!
They seem to have taken up residence! They spent the morning flitting from branch to branch, the male has gorgeous blue and brown feathers on his wings and tail, the female less so but still spectacular! The baby is very cheeky looking with beady little eyes and very white fluffy feathers on his head!
They didn't seem the least bit intimidated by us, I really hope they hang around, I just love kookaburras!
The male is the one in front, just after this photograph was taken he extended his neck skyward and began to laugh, Abbey, Nate and I were so incredibly lucky to experience such a wonderful display on a gorgeous spring morning!
I've decided to call our unit 'The Treehouse'! We have beautiful views from here and the tree envelops most of our place which is lovely, it is like a painting, changing with the sunlight and the seasons. The spectacular sunsets we watch are ever changing, the storms we can see for miles and miles are incredible! City living is wonderfully full of nature if you take the time to appreciate it.
A sunset in progress.
Truly amazing colours, never get tired of seeing this!
Another thing I have noticed lately, the first night was when I was admiring the full moon rising, are the fruit bats or flying foxes that make their journey home at dusk. I think they are amazing animals, people who have been lucky enough to care for them while they recover if injured are enthralled by their individual and unique personalities.
So to finish off this nature inspired post I thought I would share a poem I wrote as I watched a spectacular storm last night. Hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am!
Bright blessings to all!
The wind starts to blow, the tree bends and sways.
A great flash of lightning, the Gods have their ways.
The clouds plump and dark are a glorious sight,
As they're illuminated by lightning so bright!
First a few drops hit my closed window pane,
Then the clouds open up with a deluge of rain!
The thunder booms loudly, a deep cracking tone,
The three fit together, there's no storm if alone!
Copyright Liza Feeney September 7th 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Mysterious Full Moon Glow

Merry Meet!

With the full moon upon us I thought I'd take the opportunity to write about the moon, her phases and their correlation to Wicca, celebrations and the feminine aspects in nature.

Let's face it, there aren't many people who would dispute the power and beauty of the full moon. The moon is at it's most enchanting when full and it is celebrated by Wiccans, witches and pagans alike. Esbats are usually, but not exclusively, performed under a full moon or a day or two either side as magick is most potent at this time though each phase is valuable in it's own right.

I am a nurse and have seen the effect of the full moon first hand! Completely lucid patients would become disoriented at night, one night I helped an elderly lady brush the flies off her bed - of course there were no flies on her bed but she could see them and would not settle until I had helped! So brush we did and then she hopped into bed with the spring of a teenager, completely at ease and fell asleep only to wake fully lucid the next morning! We would get overdoses, people with exacerbated psychiatric disorders, road accidents and general chaos through Emergency! People become ill at ease for no known reason - the fact that our bodies are made up of 70% water may have something to do with it! The moon's power moves tides, farmers and gardeners plant crops at the right aspect of the moon, people connected to the earth have faith in the power of something completely natural.

My cat Molly, who is 9 years old, becomes the stalker, hiding in wait, eyes fully dilated and aglow, waiting for our unsuspecting legs to pass by! She becomes kitten-like, playing with objects, tearing around the place, it is absolutely amazing and hilarious to watch! I know the word 'lunacy' comes from the misconception that the moon was the cause of intermittent insanity! The words month, Monday and menstrual come from the word 'moon' as it correlates in time with these natural cycles.

The full moon represents the 'Triple Goddess' - the waxing moon represents the Maiden, the full moon represents the Mother and the waning moon represents the Crone. The Maiden is young and full of vitality, naive and fresh. The Mother is fertile, a time of childbirth, guiding her young. The Crone is wise, prophetic, respected. The cycle of life!

At a Full Moon Esbat witches often perform the Drawing Down The Moon, a rite drawing the energies down, entering your head at the crown chakra and filling you with her glorious light. Doreen Valiente wrote 'The Charge Of The Goddess' in the 1970's and has been adopted and adapted by covens and solitary Wiccans alike. You can do a full rite or just bask in her glow but many Wiccans and Covens will hold Esbat's at the full moon to take advantage of the most powerful time for magickal workings.

The waxing phase of the moon is the time for constructive magick, for protection, health, positivity, affirmations, creative workings. The waning phase of the moon is for destructive magick, binding spells, dark (not black) magick, introspection. The dark moon is like a day off but can also be used for the most private, internal workings. Spellcraft is a fine art and there is so much symbolism that can be used and acknowledged to make magick effective but always keep in mind "An' it harm none, do what thou wilt." - never mess with the free will of anyone and be mindful of this when wording your spells!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more involved and in time I will have the opportunity to share the finer details with you. For now, enjoy the Full Moon in all her splendid glory, bask in her glow, search for the face, delight in the magick and take time to think of what the moon means to you!

Bright Full Moon Blessings,


Picture courtesy of Google Images.