Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our new neighbours!

Spring has sprung and there is a lot of activity going on in our tree! I was standing at the glass doors, coffee in hand, admiring the view and realised I was being watched! I grabbed the camera and got some gorgeous photographs of a family of kookaburras, or as Abbey calls them, kookabuggas! This was the curious little fellow peeking down at me, so gorgeous!
They seem to have taken up residence! They spent the morning flitting from branch to branch, the male has gorgeous blue and brown feathers on his wings and tail, the female less so but still spectacular! The baby is very cheeky looking with beady little eyes and very white fluffy feathers on his head!
They didn't seem the least bit intimidated by us, I really hope they hang around, I just love kookaburras!
The male is the one in front, just after this photograph was taken he extended his neck skyward and began to laugh, Abbey, Nate and I were so incredibly lucky to experience such a wonderful display on a gorgeous spring morning!
I've decided to call our unit 'The Treehouse'! We have beautiful views from here and the tree envelops most of our place which is lovely, it is like a painting, changing with the sunlight and the seasons. The spectacular sunsets we watch are ever changing, the storms we can see for miles and miles are incredible! City living is wonderfully full of nature if you take the time to appreciate it.
A sunset in progress.
Truly amazing colours, never get tired of seeing this!
Another thing I have noticed lately, the first night was when I was admiring the full moon rising, are the fruit bats or flying foxes that make their journey home at dusk. I think they are amazing animals, people who have been lucky enough to care for them while they recover if injured are enthralled by their individual and unique personalities.
So to finish off this nature inspired post I thought I would share a poem I wrote as I watched a spectacular storm last night. Hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am!
Bright blessings to all!
The wind starts to blow, the tree bends and sways.
A great flash of lightning, the Gods have their ways.
The clouds plump and dark are a glorious sight,
As they're illuminated by lightning so bright!
First a few drops hit my closed window pane,
Then the clouds open up with a deluge of rain!
The thunder booms loudly, a deep cracking tone,
The three fit together, there's no storm if alone!
Copyright Liza Feeney September 7th 2009


  1. OK! I finally worked out how to enable comments on my blog! PHEW! I would love to hear from my readers!


  2. What a great blog, I love the kookabuggers! How
    beautiful, also love the poem! Will be checking back often.

  3. I love the kookabuggers too :-) They're beautiful! We have a little glade we walk through on the way to work, which is inhabited by a gang of pigeons on one side, and a gang of crested pigeons on the other. So sweet noticing their attitudes to each other :-) I love the crested pigeons (which my hubby and i call Uluru birds, as that's where we first saw them :-)... Bright blesisngs to you xx