Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Elements!

WOW! What a wild display of the elements! Yesterday we experienced a hot 30 degree spring day followed by a truly amazing storm last night, wild wind, pelting rain and lightning flashes streaking across the sky followed by bellowing thunder, it was so intense but absolutely gorgeous to watch. I am a storm lover, it is such a powerful display of nature, the elements of fire, air and water working in unison. There is something very hypnotising and magickal about storms and from my treehouse unit I have an absolutely breathtaking view! Poor Molly, my cat, gets extremely frightened and will find a nice safe spot to hide, she tentatively emerges after the storm has passed but won't leave my side!

In my magickal workings I have the element of fire in the north, towards the equator, the hottest part of the earth and closest to the sun. I have the element of air to the south, the cooling energy of a southerly buster after a hot day is beautiful and very much welcomed! I live on the east coast of Australia so I have the element of water in the east like the huge body of water lapping at our coastline. The element of earth is in the west, Australia is known for it's great expanse of desert and red earth and this was made evident this morning when I awoke to a massive dust storm carried into Sydney by the hot westerly wind overnight! Eager to catch this rare display of elemental force I grabbed my camera and opened the glass doors to take photographs of the sky, quickly realising that the air was thick and the wind was wild I went back inside only to realise my lungs, eyes and nose are full of dirt, my skin has an orange tinge and my white floor tiles now look like terracotta! It was worth it though, I couldn't have put this into words!

This was 5.30am, you can see the dust particles on the camera lens! It was extremely windy and thick so the quality isn't perfect but it certainly does it justice!

These were taken as the sun was rising...

You can usually see Botany Bay from here...

Sydney blanketed in the red earth that is synonymous with Australia.

So there is method in my madness!

It is like Mother Earth decided to remind us that she is feeling the effects of climate change and we should not forget that! In the space of 12 hours she has unleashed her mighty elementals on us, earth, air, fire and water! Reminding us city dwellers that we can't hide our collective heads in the sand! Reminding us that we are lucky to live on such a beautiful planet. Reminding us to get in touch with her from time to time so that she feels nurtured, as she nurtures us!

Blessed Be this Ostara and a Blessed Mabon to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere!

Love and light to all,


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