Monday, January 4, 2010


I have been so busy over the last few days! My love of cyber-witchery has served me well in supporting my creative ambitions. I love my iPod Touch, not only does it have my entire music collection on it but it is full of really amazing and very cool apps that I have happened across, from games to Facebook, meditations, eBay, YouTube, self hypnosis, TV guide, books, podcasts, the possibilities are seemingly endless! So I thought I would share a few fantastic apps that I have discovered recently and which are extremely useful.

Gratitude Journal - exactly that! List 5 things each day that you are grateful for. Simple and effective.
Teavana - a cool app that has recipes and instructions for tea brews and music that times how long the tea steeps - how awesome!
Moon Planner for home, work and lifestyle - shows the moon phases, the signs the moon is in and the optimal days for everyday activities, perfect for the pagan in us all!
The Letter App - choose a paper design, a font, your colours and write actual letters to email! Really sweet idea!
Evernote - a brilliant app for anyone and everyone. It's like a business / scrapbook / planner folder. Take pictures, jot notes, voice record, on the go then upload it onto your computer! It's like a cyber-memory!
My Writing Nook - write on the go and upload into a file on your computer, get those brilliant sparks of inspiration down and saved before something distracts you or you lose the thought because you can't find a pen in the abyss that is (my) your bag.

Now 2 that I am really blown away by.

Creative Whack Pack - includes 'Whack of the Day', 'Give me a Whack', 'Creative Workshops'. This is a brilliant application for thinking issues through, realising potential, analysing your creative process, inspiring creative thought and workshops that you write answers to on your iPod and then email to yourself (or in my case to my Evernote Account) with links back to the 'Whack'! Completely incredible! Ties in beautifully with Goddess Leonie's 2010 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook or the Creative Every Day challenge that you will find in the sidebar.

Square Peas - an interactive challenge application. You get sent a challenge which will encourage you to do things you have never done before, sometimes put you right out of your comfort zone and encourages determined frustration! Hilarious!!! Perfect for someone like me who needs a bit of a challenge, especially on my descent towards my 40th birthday! One example they gave was to get to know a neighbour, one that you had never spoken to, maybe have never seen! I live in a unit block and hardly ever see a neighbour, which is pretty much how it is in this busy city. A really nice idea! Then you go onto the forum and share your experience with people all over the world, talk about a cool idea!

So armed with all of these wonderfully useful tools I feel that I am ready to take on the year. I have been working on my Goddess Workbook, gathering supplies for creating my 'To Do' book and really getting excited about the possibilities that lay at my feet. I'm going to try some digital scrapbooking along the way, my sister is an excellent scrapbooker, her site Inkurable Stampers is her challenge blog for stamping and scrapbooking enthusiasts, she does exquisite art and I love the things that she has made for me, a gorgeous book devoted to my daughter Abbey, a canvas and mixed media collage with photographs of my mother cradling me as a baby and the gorgeous cards we are gifted on special occasions. Really special!

Amongst it all my witchcraft hasn't taken a back seat. I believe creating is magick at work. I am putting the finishing touches on my wand, my besom, my Book Of Shadows and Light, finding supplies and taking photographs of nature. The Blue Moon in the Northern Hemisphere missed us in Australia by about 6 hours, our one is at the end of January so I am really looking forward to some magickal workings. I have found some fantastic purchases on eBay, 2 cauldrons, Celtic Mullingar Pewter Sherry Goblets, silver wine glasses from the 1900's and 2 gorgeous little Wade Irish Porcelain Cauldrons with a matching vase. Tonight I'm off to pick up a treasure chest to put all of my supplies in! So my next post will include more about my finds and photographs to show them off. OK, maybe one sneak peak...

My Cauldron

So for now I think I will call tomorrow my 'Switch Off Tuesday' and get busy!

Blessed Be!


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